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It's never been easier to start a virtual reality arena. Download the game for free, input your arena size and play with up to 8 players!




Open VRARENA.exe and enter username and password (need to request it via email) When server is running, start VR ARENA on your Oculus Quest and Press A on the right controller.

4. PLAY!

Place Oculus Quest in the middle of your arena, hold Oculus menu button for 3 seconds to recenter then press "N" on the keyboard to start a match. Need help setting up, let's chat! 






Example: ticket price for 6 players for 1 hour is 120 euros, then revenue share is 12 euros. 


Generate arena from 10x10 meters to 100x100 meters automatically!


Spawn virtual columns where the real columns are so your players know to run around them!

2 - 12 PLAYERS





  • Is it really free to try?
    Yes! Totally free to try or play personally. Reach out to us when you're ready to offer VR ARENA to clients.
  • What are the economics of starting and running a VR ARENA?
    We operate multiple VR ARENA's in Lithuania and these are the economics we're getting: MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT: 4 x 350 (Oculus Quest) = 1400 EUR 1 x 500 (Laptop) = 500 EUR 1 x 50 (WiFi stop) = 50 EUR = 1950 EUR VARIABLES: Booked time: 70 hours per month 1 Hour playtime cost: 80 EUR Employee hourly wage: 10 EUR ​ MONTHLY EXPENSES: Subscription fee based on hours playe: 70 * 10 = 700 EUR Location rent = from 500 to 1500 EUR (average 1000 EUR) Employee salary = 70 * 10 = 700 EUR = 2,400 EUR RESULTS: Monthly Revenue: 70 * 80 = 5600 EUR Monthly cost: 2400 EUR Monthly profit before tax: 3200 EUR Monthly profit after tax: 3200 - 20% = 2666 EUR = MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT REPAID IN A MONTH!
  • How many players can play at the same time?
    Officially 8 (4vs4), unoffically 12 (6vs6) ;)
  • What are the available map sizes?
    Select "Space" map, press Escape and you will be able to generate a map from 5x5 meters to 100x100 meters! Other map sizes are: - 32x8 meters - 25x16 meters - 14x8 meters - 9x9 meters
  • What devices I will need to run a VR ARENA?
    You will need a PC/Mac (if it can run Counter-Strike GO it can run VR ARENA) for game server, 2 - 8 Oculus Quests 64 GB and a Wi-Fi router. That's it!
  • What are the step by step instructions?
    0. Download VR ARENA files from here: 1. Sideload the VRARENA to Oculus Quest using Sidequest from here: 2. Open VRARENA.exe and enter username and password (you'll need to contact us to get an account) 3. Select a map 4. On you Oculus Quest in Unknown Sources folder, find and start VR ARENA 5. Put the headset on the ground in the middle of your arena and hold Oculus Home button (on the right controller) for 3 seconds to recenter playspace. (You will need to repeat this step for all headsets) 6. Press "B" on the right controller to connect to the server 7. Connect the rest of the headsets the same way 8. On the server computer hit "N" on the keyboard 7. Enjoy!
  • It says "Server found: 0". What to do?"
    1. Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus program (they are usually blocking connections) 2. Make sure your computer and Oculus is connected to the same Wi-Fi 3. Make sure your computer and Oculus running the same game version 4. Forward ports in your router for Unreal Engine: If none of the above works, write us a message via chat and we'll respond instantly!
  • What are the controls?
    N - Start New Round R - Hold 3s To Reset Scores K (2x) - Kill All Players/End Round Mouse 1 - Enable Free Look Mouse 2 - Lock Free Look E - Move Up Q - Move Down WASD - Move Camera Around Esc - Open Level Menu Left controller Menu Button (hold 3 seconds when round hasn't started) - Spawn Column (column spawns where the left hand is positioned) Left controller X Button (hold 3 seconds when round hasn't started) - Delete Column (hand needs to overlap the column you want to delete) In Space Map Press Esc To Change Level Size
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